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Drawing Face

Individual Therapy

Clients meet one-on-one with the therapist. For clients under 18 years old, the first meeting will include a parent consultation, as well as a review of policies and procedures (including confidentiality and a general plan for future parent consultations, as most sessions going forward will be one on one with the client). For clients over 18 years old, the first session will include a review of policies and procedures (incl. confidentiality), and the therapist and client will begin to get to know one another. Each session thereafter, is tailored to the client, and may include the use of expressive arts (clay, paint, movement, music), sand tray, mindfulness and talk therapy.

happy family
Group Therapy

Family Therapy

LPC Supervision

Clients meet with at least one other family member (this may include parent and child, siblings, or the entire family). During family sessions, clients have an opportunity to discuss family struggles and successes, as well as learn appropriate communication skills, and bond and grow as a unit.

One of my passions is helping newly provisionally  licensed therapists work towards licensure. I currently have a handful of spots open in my practice for supervision. If you are interested in connecting to learn more about sueprvision with me, please send me an email at

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